PHP Powerpack

The microSaaS
PHP/MySQL application development platform
for micro teams

What is it?

A cloud-delivered design and code generation platform that helps you effortlessly develop web-grade, PHP/MySQL microSaaS applications.

Who is it for?

PHP powerpack is perfect for tiny teams aspiring to rapidly craft cutting edge PHP/MySQL applications without 'code fight'.

Why PHP Powerpack?

- Builds on what you already know
- Easy to use design environment
- Generates code & documentation
- No runtime dependencies

How it works

The central piece of PHP Powerpack is the 'Service' (a 'Service' is a server side response to a user action on the screen - for example SUBMIT).

PHP Powerpack provides a simple form-based environment to design these 'Services' and generate source code for them. The generated source code contains all the technical plumbing required for smooth and error-free execution of 'Services', thereby saving developers weeks of effort in coding and testing.

In addition to helping you with design and code generation, PHP Powerpack stores your design models in a secure cloud-based repository, that can be accessed anytime for enhancements and modifications.

Code generation

PHP Powerpack produces fully functional PHP source code for services. The generated code takes care of a whole lot of technical plumbing required for:

  (a) Transporting screen data to and from the server
  (b) Connecting to databases
  (c) Sequencing business logic exeution
  (d) Managing database transactions
  (e) Handling exceptions
  (f) Assembling and marshalling result data
  (g) Routing WebAPIs
  (h) Managing security - authentication, authorization
  (i) Build and deployment
  (j) Logging audit trail
  (k) Tracing code path
  (l) Unit testing

Modeling environment

PHP Powerpack takes the pain out of application design by providing a modeling environment rich in features.

  (a) Easy form based interface
  (b) Diagram-free modeling
  (c) 'Model to source code' in 5 simple steps 
  (d) MicroSaaS-centric methodology
  (e) Rich impact analysis capability
  (f) Productivity multipliers
  (g) Multi-user concurrent access
  (h) Multi-project support

Use cases

PHP Powerpack can be used for the development of practically any PHP application that runs off MySQL. This includes mobile, desktop, web and SaaS apps.

APIs are at the core of PHP Powerpack. This means applications can be developed, tested and delivered piece by piece making 'MVP' and 'Agile' an integral part of the development process.

PHP Powerpack does not utilize any domain specific artefacts, patterns or conventions and hence it can be used to create applications across a range of verticals.

Signing up for PHP Powerpack

We do not offer a direct signup to the PHP Powerpack platform.

Use of the platform requires prior education on microSaaS. It also requires an understanding of the methodology that we employ within the platform to build microSaaS applications.

For this, we periodically launch an online training program that comes bundled with a time-restricted subscription to the platform.

Right now, there is no live training program open for enrollment. However, you can leave your email id with us and we will inform you as soon as our next training is announced.

We promise, your email id will be safe with us. No spam. No sale.

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